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Bornhoft Global Technologies LLC - High Density Building Controller (HDBC)


  • The High Density Building Controller (HDBC) is the latest technology bringing bridging and switching. The Controller consists of 2 modules, which provides 3 different application services to Multi Dwelling Units (MDU) users.   
  • The BPL Module - provides Broadband via the existing electrical or coaxial wires - no more wiring required   
  • The Switch Module - provides high speed broadband, IPTV via a 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet network infrastructure
  • The High Density Building Controller (HDBC) (Both the BPL and Switch modules together) - provides 3 different applications of services to end users.


Application 1 - Broadband Over Powerline or Coaxial, which is provided by the BPL Module, offer Internet and a Monthly Revenue  


Application 2 - Broadband and/or VOD over Coaxial, which is provided by the BPL Module, offer VOIP, Security and Business PBX or Professional Business Exchanges


Application 3 - High Speed Broadband and IPTV over Ethernet, is provided by the Switch Module   


These applications will generate you monthly income and ROI of installation is a quick return. Installing all applications into 25-rental unit building could generate you an additional income of 15k-20k a year.


View our External link opens in new tab or windowCorinex High Density Building Controller Brochure and get a High Density Building Controller installed today!


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