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About Bornhoft Global Technologies LLC


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Bornhoft Global Technologies LLC is committed to providing emerging technologies to communities that are traditionally overlooked. One such example is Broadband over Power Line, or BPL. We feel that all rural Americans need high speed-internet and other like services; it is essential in today’s market. To this we pledge ourselves.


For almost a decade we have been a locally owned and operated business providing high-speed internet to rural areas, schools, historical buildings and more. Fully licensed, certified, registered and insured, we offer warranties, guarantees and free estimates.


The Bornhoft Global Technologies LLC Home Network Advantages:



Can Be Installed and Working In Minutes


Four Times Faster Than Any Wireless Service


Uses Des/3DES Encryption and Password Protection


Cheaper Than Any Other Cable Type Install


    If you live in a rural area, own a motel, warehouse or other type of business and would like to receive high-speed internet that is less costly than wireless services, simply give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest!


    We offer advanced technology and the knowledge, experience and equipment to get you the high-speed internet you require for communication and desired revenue purposes. Our dedication to our customers is our top priority. Call us today for more information and see how we can help you!


    Phone: 712-267-3907

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    Bornhoft Global Technologies, LLC

    144 Linn Street

    Westside, Iowa  51467


    Phone  712-267-3907


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